Corruption is tough but so are we

Corruption is tough but so are we

Approximately 11 billion euros disappear from the state budget each year. These funds are missing from healthcare, education and are robbing us of higher living standard we could otherwise afford.

What We Do

Change laws for the better

We promote systemic measures necessary for effective fight against corruption. We collaborate with top-level lawyers on legislation proposals to limit the space in which perpetrators...

Protect whistleblowers

Brave individuals who report corruption are provided legal support mediated by us. We represent them in court and seek to prevent any retaliatory action by...

Support investigative journalism

We support quality journalistic work which reveals and brings attention to corruption. In June 2018 we also launched our own investigative program which follows cases...

Coordinate young corruption fighters

Stop corruption community is our sister organization. Each year new people join in and we encourage them to take interest in public events in their...

Inform and educate

We raise awareness of corruption, its consequences and possible solutions. We strive to engage the general public and reinvigorate their interest in public events.

How to Report

If you have witnessed an act of corruption, do not sit idle. Whistleblowers are provided legal support. We help them utilize the protection afforded by law.

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We work to make
our country better

The non-profit organization began its fight in 2014. Members of its team are passionate people who have been fighting for years to make our country better.

Our main focus is raising awareness of corruption and possible solutions. Engage the general public in questions of public interest. Help whistleblowers, support investigative journalism and promote systemic measures necessary for effective fight against corruption.

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Our Team

Martin Suchý

Martin Suchý

Martin is the new contribution to Stop Corruption foundation team. After graduation from Economy university in Bratislava, he worked at a bank. During his studies...

Xénia Makarová

Xénia Makarová

Only very few people understand economic crimes and tax freuds as Xenia does. After graduation from Economy university in Bratislava she worked for a number...

Zuzana Petková

Zuzana Petková

Zuzana brings 20 years of experience in investigative journalism combined with a great sense of justice. She studied journalism at Comenius University in Bratislava and...